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Woodward Inc

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Power Generation & Distribution
Woodward GmbH
Handwerkstrasse 29, 70565 Stuttgart

Woodward delivers lasting contributions to energy control and protection, integrating leading-edge technologies into power generation and distribution systems for industrial and commercial applications as well as renewables. But Woodward is much more than a provider of energy control systems. We are a partner - an integral part of our clients’ and suppliers’ teams.

We lend our expertise and insight to achieve positive outcomes, collaborating with customers and suppliers to solve the most pressing challenges facing energy today. Our energy control systems perform under incredible demands, playing an essential part in your technology that’s changing the world. And you can count on us to continuously deliver the innovative solutions that enable you to transform your goals into tomorrow’s realities.

The future of energy involves better connectivity, advanced communication and control, and greater use of renewables. Woodward is taking steps today to make these goals achievable tomorrow. Our systems improve power quality, increase efficiency, and boost reliability. With our support, customers are able to optimize the ways they produce electricity, move closer to the smart grid, and conquer their energy challenges.