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TVR Instruments Ltd

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TVR Instruments limited is an instrument company whom represents a number of European manufacturers in the UK and Irish markets.

They supply instrumentation from analogue meters to remotely monitored Grid Connection meters with MID approval. The main brands that TVR are distributions for are:

Frer s.r.l.

Frer manufactures a comprehensive range of measuring, monitoring and control instruments and associated accessories in Italy, under the ISO9001 approved quality assurance system, covering most applications from a simple analogue meter to a web enabled network power analyser. Their product range is highly competitive, flexible and with stock held in the Italian factory rapidly delivered. Frer is continuously researching innovative solutions. They manufacture Current Transformers for use in measuring, high accuracy and protection application at their plant outside Milan. Their range of grid code compliant class .2% transducers are widely used in the renewables industries. The Multifunction meter range is available with standard communication protocols as well as IEC61850. Frer offer a fast reliable service with many standard measuring class parts held in stock and with only a 2-3 week lead time for non-stock items. World wide certifications and Acceptance: cCSAus according to European Norms EN60950, USA UL60950, Canada CAN/CSA C22.2 N. 60950-00, UL508.

Adel Systems s.r.l.

ADEL systems now offer a complete range of products for power supply and energy back up in the industrial automation field. Besides a complete range of industrial power supplies with output voltage 48, 24, 12, and 5VDC with current from 1A to 40A, ADEL systems offer additional and innovative technical solutions which differentiate the company from other competitors, such as Battery Chargers, DC UPS and Power Supplies.

CB Battery chargers

Complete range of battery chargers with Battery Care Concept, battery life test diagnosis. Chargers are available with 12,24, 36 or 48 V DC output with current up to 12V 35A, 24V 20A or 48V 10A. ALL Adel chargers and DC UPS are intelligent and have inbuilt battery protection functions which require no setting apart from inserting jumpers at commissioning stage. No programming is required. 10 and 20A versions are available with CANbus, MODbus and remote monitoring.

DC-UPS: three products in one revolutionary solution that allows backing up load power supply with the extremely intelligent management of all peripheries, battery and relays. Very high benefit vs-price ratio. A combined battery charger and power supply in the same unit, with separate outputs for battery and the DC load with the same intelligent battery functions and protections of the Battery chargers as well as the range and scope of the Flex Power supply family.

There is a range of DIN or back board mounting battery boxes that go with the CBI range up to 48V


Power supplies with low voltage input from transformer: Suitable for connection to 24Vac transformer secondary. Compact dimensions, high efficiency, and compact size. For space saving in the enclosure.


Zeihl have been designing and producing electronic devices in Germany for more than 40 years. Their first design was a Thermistor-Relay. Since this time, their range of products has enlarged continually including devices that communicate via Internet or via LAN. The product range has five focuses:

1. Temperature-Relays with Sensors: This group of products monitors the temperature in motors, transformers or plants with sensors Pt 100 (RTD), PTC-Thermistors of Thermocouples.

2. Devices for monitoring grids and Loss of Mains. Monitoring phase, voltage, current and frequency in electric plants. Space-saving Electronic Current-Transformers capture the current-flow in a conductor and Loss of mains with the UFR1001E G59/3 relay; compliant to all major European standards of grid code connection requirements.

3. Digital Panel meters for measuring various signals. They are used where measured values should be displayed. Alarm-outputs and integrated measuring-transducers expand the scope of applications.

4. Switching Relays and Controls. In particular, controls for suction plants, speed monitors or level-relays for conductive liquids. 

5. Measuring Transducers for temperature and electric values like AC and DC voltage or current or resistance.

Ziehl also offer the development and production of bespoke solutions, customized for the application.

Emko Elektronik

Emko manufacture a range of genset controllers for use in AMF, Autostart and ATS application. The range covers basic keystarts, with and without remote start; to AMF modules with built in remote monitoring for fleet control and maintenance.

Manufactured in Turkey under ISO9001 QA approval with UL/CUL approval held on several product lines. Emko are an adept and flexible company with many OEM products under their umbrella.