The Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power Systems and ancillary equipment

Technical Committee

What is the Technical Committee?

The Technical Committee is a collective of technically-minded experts from within the AMPS Membership. Together, they provide a formidable resource and wide range of invaluable services to AMPS Members, the power generation industry and the wider world.

Mission Statement:

β€œTo help our members influence, communicate and understand the relevant technical standards for our industry.”

This remit includes:

  • Acting as a technical and knowledge-sharing resource to answer member queries and concerns
  • Providing information and guidance to the likes of the National Grid, UK Government and European Parliament (via Europgen)
  • Conducting research into the latest regulations, applications and technologies
  • Using their expertise to deliver authoritative papers, white papers and publications
  • Being part of the consultation process for important industry changes such as G52 grid code legislation

AMPS Members are fortunate to have anytime access to their knowledge, as well as the opportunity to join the Technical Committee if they have their own expertise to offer.

If you would like more information about the Technical Committee please contact