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Preheat Engineering Ltd

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Peregrine Heating Equipment has been manufactured in Britain since 1954. The range currently supplied worldwide includes; engine coolant and engine oil heaters, fuel tank and fuel line heaters, water storage tank heaters, battery and pan heaters, alternator heaters, trace heating and hydraulic oil heaters.

The advantages of pre-heating engines has been recognised for many years; easy engine starting, reduction of engine wear, fuel saving and prompt smooth running are but a few examples. The use of heaters in diesel fuel tanks and lines is also a great benefit in conditions with ambient temperatures where the problem of diesel fuel 'waxing' are likely to occur, and in applications where win chill is an important consideration.

Preheat Engineering Ltd has been built on a sound foundation of quality service and quality products with dependable equipment backed up by efficient, prompt deliveries.

Preheat Engineering Ltd welcomes enquiries for special products which, manufactured to customer specification or requirement, can be supplied on a fast turnaround basis.

All Peregrine Heaters are supplied with low watts-density elements for safety and reliability and are available in a wide range of voltages, wattages and types.