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Kale Auto Radiator

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KALE, a private family-owned company founded in 1966 Istanbul – Turkey, started with a small-scale production of copper engine cooling radiators and heater cores for the Automotive Industry. By the 1970’s, already a recognized brand, Kale exploited into export markets.

Development of the industry over the years, has allowed Kale investing into another manufacturing plant with an available 20.000 sq. meters of floor space in the region of Çayırova – Gebze in 1985 for production of aluminium heat exchangers and grow into a leading manufacturer in Turkey with expanding its export sales to global OEM, OES and Aftermarkets. By 1994, an annexe building of 5.000 sq. meters integrated into the main factory in order to set up a new production line for "Aluminium Brazing ( CAB )” Technology.

Today, with more than 700 employees, experienced engineering team and production staff, employing state-of-art production technology, Kale offers extensive product range of cooling modules for power generators, agriculture and forestry equipment, construction equipment and other industrial applications besides HVAC (heating-ventilation and air conditioning) and Engine Cooling Systems for the Automotive and Defence Industry.

Kale's current production capacity is about 4.000.000 parts per annum and are manufactured under the following production technologies; 

  • Aluminium Brazing (CAB) Production Technology 
  • Aluminium Brazing (Batch Type) Plate & Bar Production Technology
  • Aluminium Mechanical Assembly Production Technology
  • Copper Production Technology

Established R&D Center in 2011 constitutes an important role for product design and development in acquiring high quality customer-oriented solutions. With the assistance of trained manpower, machinery & equipment and up-to-date software operating in three departments; design division, prototype workshop and test laboratory, allows Kale to comply with client’s technical requirements and performance expectations, carry out design and development studies in its own R&D Centre, and advance to serial production phase by proceeding through product validation tests in laboratory environment.

Bound to customer demands, Kale carries out product development works in respect to three main design principles; developing completely new product in accordance to Kale’s existing design standards and specifications (Bespoke Design), joint design development with OEM customer’s Engineering and R&D divisions (Co–Design) and product development according to original in complete compliance with customer’s technical specifications (Build to Print).

Certified with IATF 16949 Quality Certificate, ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory Certificate, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate, and Ford Q1 Quality Certificate, Kale’s main objective is always to meet full customer satisfaction with the highest product quality both in domestic and international markets.