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Eurosite Power Ltd

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Sky View
Argosy Road
East Midlands Airport
DE74 2SA

We offer no-risk, fully funded combined heat and power plant energy solutions that help businesses harness the long-term commercial and environmental benefits of on-site energy generation.

Our On-Site combined heat and power Utility solution is a fully-funded model that unlocks the benefits of on-site generation – without the need for CapEx or commercial risk. We also install, operate and maintain the assets over the course of their lifetime.

  • No CapEx is required and all technical, operational and commercial risk is covered by u
  •  Start saving from day 1 – enjoy a guaranteed discount against current and future energy prices
  • Our solution provides exemption from carbon taxes and maximises available incentives
  •  We take responsibility for the operation, maintenance & performance over the lifetime of the assets