Emissions reduction specialists Eminox Limited is expanding into the retrofit power generation market to enable businesses and services to stay ahead of clean air legislation

The landscape for emissions is changing with Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and Low Emission Zones (LEZ) being implemented across the globe.

Already the transport industry is going through changes to adapt fleets to comply with these emissions standards and now governments around the world are turning their attention to reduce harmful particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) elsewhere.

Eminox retrofit technology enables compliance of Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) standards now published. It reduces NOx & PM emissions to the regulated levels from diesel generators up to a power range of 750kVA.

A wide range of both new and in situ power generator applications will need to be upgraded to comply with the new regulations.

Eminox’s specialist engineers have designed technology to replace the standard exhaust mufflers on the generators. This will provide alternative solutions to replacing existing units rather that embarking on costly work to enable newer units to be installed.

Retrofit Sales Director Carlos Vicente said: “We will use our knowhow gained from the supply of Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) systems directly to manufacturers of power generators such a Volvo Penta and our Emissions reduction specialists Eminox Limited is expanding into the retrofit power generation market to enable businesses and services to stay ahead of clean air legislation. experience from the on-road retrofit market to develop new systems for this sector.

“To date we have installed over 5,000 retrofit SCRT® systems to similar sized diesel engines and we will now apply this technology to provide sustainable solutions for diesel power generators.”

Eminox has more than 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing exhaust aftertreatment systems and has sold more than 85,000 retrofit systems. The company has been a pioneer in both particle matter reduction with the patented Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®) and more recently with SCRT® technology, which also reduces NOx and NO2 from on-road and off-road applications.

Carlos added: “Businesses can stay ahead of legislative changes as many cities adopt cleaner and more sustainable solutions to tackle air pollution, which now also focus on power generators.

“We are providing cost-effective solutions that are easy to install on non-compliant generators whether new or old with proven and reliable market leading technology that you know you can count on.”

For more information on Eminox, please visit www.eminox.com or call +44 (0)1427 810088