Bernard Gospel

Technical Secretary
Power Generation, Control and Protection, CHP

Bernard has nearly 50 years’ experience in power generation and associated electrical and mechanical technologies. He was a student apprentice with Brush Electrical Engineering Ltd from 1968, who at the time constructed everything from fuses to locomotives, including motors, generators, transformers, HV switchgear and control systems.

After a spell in the Contracts Department, as pre sales training, he spent a period in Electrical Design covering large generators, up to 100MVA, together with AVR’s, synchronisers etc. prior to transferring to the Sales Department, becoming Export Sales Manager and then Service Manager. Positions in General Electric Company UK (Not the American GE) followed, involving gas turbine power stations and mechanical drive projects, then power systems protection relays.

A move to Dale Electric followed, being responsible for sales and application engineering of gas turbine generators.

Finally, he moved to Deutz UK / MWM, being involved in sales, design and project management of gas engine CHP systems, together with involvement with diesel engines and diesel power stations up to 50MW. He transferred to Edina UK when they became the UK distributor for MWM.

His experience includes industrial and petrochemical projects operating on shore and offshore operating on a variety of fuels including natural gas, biogas, syngas, diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil. Experience of adherence to national and international standards for construction and operation, including environmental conditions are included.