The Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power Systems and ancillary equipment

About AMPS

AMPS stands for the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems.

AMPS is the trade association and industry voice for the UK’s world-leading diesel and gas-engine power generating sector and associated businesses.

Our members vary in scale from global FTSE 100-listed companies to micro businesses, but what all have in common is a commitment to the generating set industry and an understanding that raising standards, ensuring best-practice and safeguarding the future of our sector is best realised through a professional trade body promoting a culture of co-operation and teamwork.

AMPS was incorporated in 1989 and has been providing technical guidance, lobbying support, networking opportunities and best-practice assistance for our members, the industry and all those who need our input - including National Grid, DECC and Europgen - ever since. 

Who are our members?

Here's an overview of who we represent, whether you’re interested in becoming a member yourself, or would just like a clearer understanding.

Manufacturers – The UK has lost a lot of its manufacturing over recent decades but when it comes to buying the best generating sets and components customers around the world still value the unrivalled quality, reliability and attention to detail that comes from knowing their equipment was manufactured in the UK by passionate and experienced engineers.

Suppliers & Distributors – AMPS’ power generation suppliers provide the components the manufacturers need and/or the assembled sets the end-user requires, along with an invaluable wealth of expertise and industry know-how.

Service providers – How do you know which generating set you need? How do you get the right paperwork? How do you ensure your generating sets work when they’re really needed? We have a large number of members who provide advice, consultancy, installation and maintenance, because even the best generating set in the world will fail if it isn’t properly specified and serviced.  

Rental Companies – Not everyone needs generating set power all of the time. From World Cup Finals to music festivals, from building sites to hurricane relief, the rental providers are there to supply customers with whatever temporary power solution they may need. 

Related providers – Whether you need a solution for cleaning stored fuel, a fire suppression system or want your generating set to work as part of a CHP system, we have members who specialise in all the related products and services.

The AMPS Team

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